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Reflecting on 2020 Achievements

With 2020 just behind us, I wanted to take a moment to recognize the highlights and achievements. Because even though it was difficult, it wasn’t all bad!

First! I finally began releasing my Shadowed World Saga series into the world. Yay! I was so thrilled to hear readers enjoyed both the prequel “Promise of a Storm” and Ema’s short story “Temper the Storm”. I am very proud of not only the stories, but seeing my growth as a writer. I feel like I’ve finally found my voice and style, something I’ll continue honing with every story I write.

Second! I’ve met so many new readers and friends, and strengthened relationships with my existing ones. That was a truly gratifying and humbling aspect of the year, considering the social isolation we’ve had to face in our day-to-day lives. From chatting about anime and otome to talking shop with fellow authors, it meant a great deal to me. And there were definitely some Ups and Downs! 😅 I can’t mention everyone, so I will just say a big Thank You to everyone I’ve connected with this year. I’m so glad to know you!

Lastly, the difficulties of 2020 highlighted the importance of family and not taking the time we have for granted. We made our own fun where our usual outings and vacations were unable to happen. My kids grew so much, and we all grew closer together. Some days were tough, others great. But we are still together, safe, and healthy. And that’s what’s most important, in the end.

Wishing you all a prosperous 2021!

Reflecting on 2020 Achievements
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