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Shadowed World Saga series &
recommended reading order:

Temper the Soul (Short #1)
Promise of a Storm (#0)
Vision of the Moon (#1)
Shadow in the Flame (#2)
Forthcoming Book 3

Vision of the Moon (Shadowed World Saga #1)

A rogue assassin on the run.
Former assassin Emamori Matsukara stands alone against the warring Ichiyo Faction. The once-notorious “Black Thorn” struggles to protect the innocent and bring justice to the Faction’s brutal raiders. But with a bounty on her head, she can’t evade her enemies forever. When an impossible encounter with a mythological Shadow of Death leaves Ema critically injured, she finds herself at the mercy of three men from a rival clan — and they know exactly who she is.

A tentative trust in uncertain times.
Lord Commander Saitama Ren faces dwindling allies and the demands of a merciless high lord. The last thing he needs is a wanted criminal on his hands — especially one who saves his life. Worse, his closest friend Hagane quickly accepts Ema into their fold, while his stoic vice commander Akhito wants nothing to do with her. Yet despite her unknown allegiances, she may be the key to preventing his clan’s demise.

A bond born from the shadows.
Alliances are uncertain, trust is a rare commodity, and peace is a relic of the past. As shadows spread across the land, secrets unfold and death lurks ever closer. Ema and her unexpected allies must venture through the dark night of dishonor and betrayal to uncover the world’s inevitable fate.

For the one who controls the shadows controls the world.

For fans of epic romantic fantasy like The Gladiator’s Downfall (Kristen Banet) and stories deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology like Red Winter (Annette Marie).

Immerse yourself in a Japanese-inspired world of assassins and samurai, honor and intrigue, sentient shadows of death, and a strong-willed heroine finding her path. VISION OF THE MOON is Book 1 in the epic romantic fantasy series, “Shadowed World Saga“.

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Publication Date: July 26, 2021

Genres: Asian fantasy, romantic fantasy, epic fantasy, reverse harem

Tropes: Enemies-to-lovers, forced proximity, assassin heroine, military, political intrigue, slow-build harem, diverse characters, trust and betrayal, found family

Heat Level: Steamy

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