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To Fantasy, With Love

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Shadowed World Saga series &
recommended reading order:

Temper the Soul (Short #1)
Promise of a Storm (#0)
Vision of the Moon (#1)
Shadow in the Flame (#2)
Forthcoming Book 3

Promise of a Storm (Shadowed World Saga #0)

Shadowed by the deeds of her past…
Assassin Emamori Matsukara has already broken her code once. She won’t let it happen again. After a year away to reaffirm her commitment to her clan, she returns home to find her leaders forging a disturbing path: allying themselves with the Faction, a ruthless, anti-imperial organization leading the country to war. Protecting the clan is her primary duty. Supporting honorless, warmongering tyrants? Not a chance.

Bound by a lifetime of loyalty…
To prove her allegiance, Ema is tasked to eliminate a rogue assassin targeting the Faction’s leaders. She has no choice but to accept. Orders are orders, after all. But when a high lord arrives to oversee the mission, he reveals a devastating truth, shattering what she’s always believed about her true purpose.

Compelled by the coming storm…
A promise is broken, honor is no longer sacred, and trust is as fleeting as blossoms in bloom. As the world she once knew darkens, Ema must find a way to stop the Faction from controlling her clan and fracturing the rest of the country.

And the one who can help her may be the very person she’s tasked to kill…

For fans of epic romantic fantasy like The Gladiator’s Downfall (Kristen Banet) and stories deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology like Red Winter (Annette Marie).

Immerse yourself in a Japanese-inspired world of assassins and samurai, honor and intrigue, sentient shadows of death, and a strong-willed heroine finding her path. PROMISE OF A STORM is the prequel to the epic romantic fantasy series, “Shadowed World Saga“.

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Publication Date: June 2, 2020

Genres: Asian fantasy, romantic fantasy, epic fantasy, reverse harem

Tropes: “Before the harem” prequel, enemies-to-lovers, childhood love, betrayal, assassin heroine with heart, political intrigue

Heat Level: Steamy

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