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Shadowed World Saga series &
recommended reading order:

Temper the Soul (Short #1)
Promise of a Storm (#0)
Vision of the Moon (#1)
Shadow in the Flame (#2)
Forthcoming Book 3

Temper the Soul (Shadowed World Saga Short Story #1)

Every assassin has a code.
For Emamori Matsukara, it’s to kill only when necessary: swiftly and without error.

Eliminating a corrupt lordling was supposed to be easy. But when her mission takes an unexpected turn, innocent lives are jeopardized. Amidst shattered truths and compromised principles, Ema faces a single choice — and the ultimate price of her loyalty.

For fans of epic romantic fantasy like The Gladiator’s Downfall (Kristen Banet) and stories deeply rooted in Japanese history and mythology like Red Winter (Annette Marie).

Immerse yourself in a Japanese-inspired world of assassins and samurai, honor and intrigue, sentient shadows of death, and a strong-willed heroine finding her path. TEMPER THE SOUL is an 8k-word short story and an introduction to the epic romantic fantasy reverse harem series “Shadowed World Saga”.

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Publication Date: March 2020

Genres: Asian fantasy, romantic fantasy, epic fantasy, reverse harem

Tropes: Assassin heroine, political intrigue, betrayal

Heat Level: Mild

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