Paperback Now Available: Wind Across the Silver Blade

Exciting news! I’m pleased to announce that paperbacks for Wind Across the Silver Blade are now available at Amazon. Yes, you can now have the handsome and captivating tengu Touma right on your bookshelf! A girl with a hidden power. A demon from the past. A god bent on revenge. Young noblewoman Yumi seeks a […]

Realm of Darkness Hits USA Today Bestseller List

Incredible news! Thanks to all your support, the Realm of Darkness box set hit the USA Today Bestseller List on October 13, 2022. We hit rank #110 out of 150 — firm and snug on the list. This is a huge achievement for any indie author, and I’m so thrilled to have joined the ranks. […]

New Release: Realm of Darkness Fantasy Romance Box Set

After a year in the making, the Realm of Darkness is now live and out in the world! Over thirty authors have worked tirelessly to put together this fantastic collection of stories in the genres of fantasy romance, paranormal romance, romantic urban fantasy, alien romance, and more. The set will remain at the special $0.99 […]

8 Asian Romantic Fantasy Books Inspired by Japan

Fans of Japanese culture rejoice! Today, I am sharing eight incredible stories set in Japanese-inspired worlds that capture the spirit of Japan’s history and mythology. And seeing as “8” is considered a lucky number in Japan (symbolizing prosperity), these books will certainly make your reading time bright and full of promise! Note: Any steam/heat levels […]

Now Available – Fierce Hearts and Adamant Spirits Paperbacks & Hardcovers

Fantastic news! Hardcover and paperback editions of Fierce Hearts and Adamant Spirits are FINALLY available! If you are jonesing to own physical copies of these beautiful (and huge!) books, now’s the time to get your orders in. All proceeds from these editions will go to charity (as with the ebooks). Buy Fierce Hearts | Buy […]

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