Believing in Your Characters

Today I had the opportunity to guest blog on for Indie Wednesday!

Follow this link to check out my post where I chat about developing the protagonists of THE ROSE CROWN.

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SPFBO 2017

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I am very excited to be participating in this year’s SPFBO (Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off).  THE ROSE CROWN will be pitted against 299 self-published fantasy novels – many by established authors in the indie community.  I’m thrilled just to be on the same list as these folks.  And as the majority of what I read these days is self-published, I’ve discovered so many new books to read!

What is the SPFBO?

Ten book review blogs have graciously offered their time to be the judges over the next year, each reviewing 30 books from the 300 and choosing a finalist from their group. The ten finalists will be read, reviewed, and scored by all ten blogs.  In the end, one winner will be chosen.  The prize?  Tons of exposure and some serious bragging rights.  The event is hosted and facilitated by author Mark Lawrence.

To see a list of the 300 entrants, the participating blogs, and to follow the progress of the event, check out the post “SPFBO 2017 Phase 1” on Mark Lawrence’s blog. There is also a Goodreads list with all the novels entered in the contest. Follow Twitter hashtag #SPFBO for live discussion and updates.